Röyksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix)


I love electronic music – when it’s good, when it has feeling and heart. That can be a task when you rely on purely technological sounds, but maybe that’s why I struggle with techno.

Maceo Plex’s mix of Royksopp’s “Sordid Affair,” however, oozes the primordial goo of life in its purest form. A slow boiling, bubbling finds its first breaths of life before the gaseous form of Royksopp’s airy vocals. Affected by the rippling bass of the bubbles below, the hollow vocals rattle and echo. As organically as they emanated, the vocals evaporate into the soupy haze, swallowed up by a perplexing, radiating orb, floating in the atmosphere.

It is the heartbeat, it is the rhythm of the life created in this remix, “a dark pretense.”

About the author

The Pissed Jurist

The Pissed Jurist

Old enough to remember electronic music before 'EDM'. Naive enough to believe there's more at its heart than bright lights, bass drops and strong drugs. Lifelong defender of the humanity in this technologically dominated field.

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