Attlas – Aspen


Aspen is cold, gusty, and desolate. It leaves you scared and shivering, standing atop its peak, surrounded by nothing more than seemingly endless, empty valleys. Alone on the snowy summit, the sun glistens, forcing kaleidoscopic visions as you squint to protect your eyes from the biting wind. Recoiling, you fall backward, crashing in a turbulent tsunami of snow, fully enveloped by Aspen’s epic magnitude.

At the bottom of the slope, consciousness is regained. You’re greeted by the zealous, almost prayer-like chant of Aspen’s local inhabitants. Their siren song lures you into their fantastical, otherworldly village; its streets empty and quiet. As the brain haze lifts, you realize that the chant is actually the Indian National Anthem. The disembodied vocals of the Anthem power an alien ship, blasting it into space; leaving you once again alone, overcome by the beast of Aspen.

About the author

The Pissed Jurist

The Pissed Jurist

Old enough to remember electronic music before 'EDM'. Naive enough to believe there's more at its heart than bright lights, bass drops and strong drugs. Lifelong defender of the humanity in this technologically dominated field.

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