Altego – Atlas


Techno with a story, this song could be the soundtrack to an incredible action movie sequence. Imagine this track playing as a group of bank robbers approach their target, or as the tricked out sports cars in an illegal street race pull up to the starting line. As the impending chaos looms, the robbers/drivers take one final breath before executing the mission. A gunshot rings out as the robbers burst through the door with their guns drawn, or to signal the start of the race.

Your imagination determines the direction for the rest of the action scene, but you’ll find that the possibilities and applications are vast. Just like we fixate on the protagonists in our favorite action movie, we can’t help but cling to every note of this flawless techno song.

About the author

The Irate Magistrate

The Irate Magistrate

Beyond fed up with the overall lack of creativity and talent that is especially apparent in certain sub-genres of electronic music. Aiming to bring justice to the fans of real, powerful music by mocking and forcing awareness of all things unworthy.

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