Welcome to Melodic Dubstep: 5 Tracks To Introduce You To The Genre


Welcome to the world of Melodic Dubstep! Here are 5 tracks in the genre (in no particular order) which beautifully meld bass and melody, forging sounds that prickle skin and spike heart rates. Any emotion you feel while listening to these is right!

Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz & Joni Fatora

Allow yourself to be hypnotized by this seductive track, as it ideally blends melodic and distorted dubstep sounds. The vocals of Joni Fatora are out of this world, and the song magically captures the feelings of an intense internal struggle.

I Remember (Mr. FijiWiji Remix) by deadmau5

Mr. FijiWiji does the unthinkable by taking a seemingly perfect track and giving it an equally impactful and mesmerizing facelift. This remix patiently introduces harder and deeper bass lines than the original, but still retains that endlessly magical quality that you just can’t get enough of.

Unforgettable by Ziu & Nyanara

The lonely, haunting open melody feels like cold, winter rain on my mind, the virtual clouds parting slowly before being ripped to shreds as the buildup peaks with an explosion of heavenly sounds. Staggered notes from a piano trail off in the distance, delicately placing the bow on this carefully crafted, expertly mastered, must-hear gift of a tune.

Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix) by Metric

This inspiring track makes you feel as though anything is possible. Suitable for virtually any mood or setting, this one feels like those first rays of sunshine hitting your skin as they dance to the opening between the clouds.

To The Clouds by Xan & Elyza

This soothing chillstep track takes you on a spiritual journey to heights previously unknown. Higher and higher you climb like a plane rising to altitude, the world and all of your worries left far below.

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The Irate Magistrate

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