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Every year marks exponential growth for the electronic music industry, with the general public becoming more aware of the scene and trends than ever before, even if they only know it collectively as “EDM.” With the growing popularity of the music came the meteoric rise for many breakout artists this year, some slightly expected, while others exploded onto the scene out of nowhere.

If existing trends are any indication of what to expect this year, then we are likely in for another monumental year for some new artists. With an initial list that started with more than 20 potential new stars, we cut our list down to the following group of six artists, who are our top artists to watch for this year.


This melodic bass producer certainly knows how to pack an emotional punch with his tracks. Illenium is always trying new and fresh approaches to music production, and our ears thank him for it.

Here is what he had to say about his debut album, ‘Ashes‘, which releases on February 15th: “I really wanted to push myself with this album, and try to make something timeless that anybody can listen to and take something from it.”

We’re sure you’ll find something from his discography that suits your musical fancy.



Troyboi does everything in his power to avoid being labeled as just another trap producer – and he’s succeeding. Far too creative and artistic to be pigeonholed into just one genre, you’re best off just listening and being amazed, instead of trying desperately to classify his sound.

“You can expect more lots of brand new weird and wonderful music, evolution of my sound and shows worldwide that will take you on a journey that you won’t ever forget!” – Troyboi

attlas mau5trap

Even though ATTLAS has turned out not to be a side project for Deadmau5, we still love him regardless! The fact that he was suspected to be Deadmau5 clearly shows that he possesses such a high level of production talent. With a style so alluring and unpredictable, each of his works feels more refreshing and bold than the last.



This Canadian DJ and Producer could singlehandedly create and dominate his own genre if he so pleased. With a skillset far exceeding many of the most prominent names in the electronic music industry, OVERWERK has no shortage of masterful originals and remixes under his belt. Often described as electro house, you will be blown away by how much more complex and layered his sounds are compared to the rest of the genre.



Crywolf captures a level of intimacy in his productions that very few are capable of creating. Already in a class of his own by so many standards, he has been endorsed by some of the biggest and best names in the industry, and we can only expect more of the same for him in 2016. Crywolf’s melodic brand of electronic music is a soothing treat to the ears that you should probably enjoy right now.


karma fields

The mystery artist Karma Fields may not have a known identity yet, but that’s not just some gimmick to gain popularity. Karma Fields is the real deal, and the production style is nothing short of spectacular. With original tracks that love to defy genres, you’re sure to find something that resonates with you.

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