We Won’t Fade Into Darkness: A Tribute to Avicii

avicii retirement tribute

Avicii helped turn modern dance music into a global sound, and bridged the gap between the underground and the mainstream with his stunning use of melodies in a budding genre we termed ‘Progressive House.’ From “Levels,” to “Don’t Wake Me Up,” “Broken Arrows,” and countless other hits, we thank you for the memories, Avicii! In light of his recent announcement, we share our collection including some of the best remixes of his tracks.

I Could Be The One (Kezy Remix) – Avicii vs Nicky Romero

Kezy brings us a slowed down, drawn out, more impactful version of the original, taking creative liberties that far exceed most musical minds. With explosive drops that seem to fall from the heavens, the track still refrains from drowning out those classic Avicii melodies.

My Feelings For You (The Prototypes Remix) – Avicii & Sebastien Drums

That knocking you’re hearing is just your heart pounding against your ribcage as The Prototypes sprint through one of Avicii’s timeless hits. Our biggest complaint is that the song eventually has to end.

Wake Me Up (TYMA Remix) (Madilyn Bailey Cover) – Avicii

With a complete facelift, this version brings a smooth, joyous, summery feeling to the track. The strong and fluid vocals complement a rhythm that makes you appreciate the lyrics while still bobbing your head.

For A Better Day (KSHMR Remix) – Avicii

This massive remix is more than deserving of the nod that it received from many of the greats of the industry, and it certainly does Avicii justice. KSHMR so brilliantly incorporates and intertwines elements from the original that one would think they spent every second working on this remix together.

Fade into Darkness (SirensCeol Remix) – Avicii

Breathtaking, melodic, and with just the right amount of distortion, SirensCeol deserves a standing ovation for this one. Taking one of Avicii’s defining works and placing your own stamp on it is truly something of legend.

Also, here’s our Favorite Remix by Avicii! This remix has always and will always give us head to toe chills. One of Avicii’s absolute finest, we’re all blessed to hear and feel a track like this – thank you, Avicii!

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