The Best Remixes of the Interstellar Theme Song


Music maestro and composer/producer Hans Zimmer has produced background scores for many award-winning Hollywood movies. Naturally, his portfolio – The Last Emperor, Inception, Gladiator, The Dark Knight Trilogy, etc. – reflect the same.

So, when Christopher Nolan hired him again for his upcoming project “Interstellar”, he asked Zimmer to produce something in a day, based on a page of what he wrote. That page, apart from a bit of story, had only 2 lines of dialogue – “I’ll come back,” and, “When.”

Needless to say, Zimmer produced a masterpiece that would perfectly capture the longing of a departing father, his uncertainty of returning, and the upcoming, unknown experiences of his journey. And since the foundation of this score was so strong, it didn’t take long for talented artists in the world of electronic music to become attracted to it. Together, in their own quirky and original ways, they tried to make it better, and this is what we bring you today: a list of remixes of the “Interstellar” theme that we think deserve your attention.

Paul Oakenfold

Ever heard a track so awesome that it managed to swiftly put a stranglehold on your emotions in a totally unforeseen way? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it’s time you check out this remix. Fast, gripping, and breathtaking, this remix takes you on a roller coaster ride that teeters between love and fear. Carefully crafted, this track adds a layer of house to the original score that will leave you spellbound!


Madis’ remix is a serene and blissful rendition of the original score. This version feels like a vessel waiting to transport you, much like the actual movie. Scintillating and pristine, this one is full of ambient magic.


A classic dubstep version of the original, this remix dances on the cusp of suspense and insanity. It captures the feeling of chaos, and the ensuing journey of trying to reestablish order. A fresh and unexpected remix that Hans Zimmer couldn’t have possibly seen coming.


Starting as a whisper in the distance, this remix feels far more distant and lonely than the original. The chillstep elements work to create a mood that compliments the background theme surprisingly well. Daring and bold, this remix truly explores the possibilities of a song in a way that few others likely would have.

The Indian Jam Project

A fitting tribute to the original, these artists recreate the theme with Indian instruments and a classical approach. By eloquently rearranging many of the key elements, the artists teach an appreciation for originality. An immensely enjoyable and memorable rendition worth listening to any time of day.


The tension in this remix builds suspensefully and eerily from the first note, taking more than a minute for all of the elements to even be loud enough to hear clearly. The real allure in this remix is how its heart-racing melody and ambient sound seamlessly merge with the original score.

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