Rayman Legends – A Musical Masterpiece, A Gamers Delight


The interesting aspect about the game, Rayman Legends, apart from its mind blowing gameplay, are the music levels that appear in each main Gallery as the last painting. The slight exception to the rule is the Living Dead Party gallery, which consists of nothing but Music Levels, and comes as a total exception for the Back to Origins Galleries, as Rayman Origins never had such segments.

Music levels are named due to the stage being themed after music and the whole gameplay being subjected to the movement of melody in the background. In short, the avatar we are guiding has to be guided by the melody in the background for us to win and complete the level.

However, these melodies are special. They are remastered versions of some very famous tracks from the past, namely, “Castle Rock/ Black Betty” by Ram Jam, “Orchestral Chaos” by Raman Composer Christophe Heral, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, “Gloo Gloo/ Woo Hop” by, “Dragon Slayer/Anti Social” by Trust, and finally, “Grannies World Tour” by Christophe Heral and Billy Martin.

These songs come at different music levels and generate great excitement for us as we are playing. We are equally enjoying the thrill of completing those levels with the beat of the songs.

Amazingly, the level of detail, combined with the visually delighting screenplay and background music sans lyrics, adds unique charm and excitement to the game.

One of the most innovative musical stages of all time, Rayman Legends truly lives up to its name.

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