The Best Digital Audio Workstation – Comparing Logic Pro X And Ableton Live 9



If you’re an electronic music producer, then there is a big chance that you might have faced a serious dilemma in choosing your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). There are a lot of choices in the market, but it all boils down to the BIG 2: Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X.
In this article, we will help you choose which one suits you better by naming the pros and cons of each. However, we should acknowledge that each software has its limitations, and it is up to us to make use of it to our own advantage.

Logic Pro X

One of the most popular and widely used music studio softwares is the Logic Pro X from Apple Inc. The software offers an elegant music production solution that works for almost everyone. It has amassed immense popularity for being easy and intuitive, something which is expected from Apple products. Offering the right kind of functionality, Logic Pro X has improved from its predecessors and has surely established itself as a trustworthy DAW.


  • A hard to beat price that offers immense functionality and value for money.
  • Easy to understand, extremely linear and intuitive user interface with unmatched arrangement functionality (Logic displays the chords being played).
  • Top of the class musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) capabilities, along with numerous effect plugins (Arpeggiator, Harmonizer, etc.).
  • Logic X is also known as Garageband on steroids, primarily because it greatly improves upon the features of Garageband and flawlessly opens files from it (you can start from where you left off).
  • Navigation is simple – it’s easy to guess how to accomplish a task on Logic.
  • State-of-the-art audio capabilities (bounce to sampler tracks, flexitiming etc.)


  • Virtual studio technologies (VST’s) and audio units (AU’s) are easily populated, sound engine is certainly not the best, in my opinion.
  • No live element like Ableton, which makes it a studio only software.

Ableton Live 9
This is one of those DAW’s that threw away the rulebook and established its own identity. It made a name for itself for not only being the best recording program for composers, but also for being one of the best performance instruments in itself. The Live 9 is a great improvement from the past. With great refinement in MIDI editing, and the brilliant audio to MIDI conversion feature, this software is one of the best out there.

  • The live element of Ableton Live 9 makes it a DJ’s dream Digital Audio Workstation. It’s what makes it stand out from the Logic Pro X, which is limited by its “Studio Only” tag.
  • Excellent Automation: being a DJ programming software at heart, the chaining capabilities of Ableton are easier and better.
  • The “Out Of The Box” sounds are refreshing, crisp, and glossy.
  • The vast array of MIDI controllers, custom built to cater to Ableton users, add excitement and zeal to the whole experience.   
  • Greatly refined MIDI editing, brilliant Audio to MIDI conversion feature.


  • Massive price difference between the Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9.
  • Logic Pro X offers almost all the functionality at less than half the price.
  • Arrangement is a two-headed monster: easy for looping on the go, but complicated for linear arrangement.
  • 5 main plugins are meant to be simple, but are complicated to use.

However to make things a little easy : Ableton + Push = Logic + Maschine
In conclusion, we would like to say that Ableton has created a niche for itself with its live element and proprietary plugins that have helped define the EDM sound. The only thing stopping it is that the Logic has a really great and easy user interface, and is practically offering a more complete and satisfying experience at half the price.

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