Student Sent Back From DJ School For Not Wearing Snapback


In a shocking chain of events, an aspiring Laguna Beach-based DJ, DJ Dante Inferno, was expelled from a prestigious Los Angeles DJ school for refusing to wear the school issued snapback. The black and white snapback is traditionally handed out on the first day of class, but the DJ declined because he didn’t want to mess up his signature hairstyle.

Moments after receiving his school mandated snapback, Dante decided to make the biggest scene he could. Throwing the hat on the floor and stepping on it to make a statement, Dante and the class teacher, Mr. Jones, got into a yelling match immediately. After a heated debate that lasted nearly three and a half minutes, the teacher called security and had Dante Leonard removed from the room.

Dante gave us the following account of the events, “Yeah, man, I’m that guy. Those posers wanted me to wear that weakass snapback, but Dante don’t play that shit. Those geezers were talking about kicking me out, but I just kept telling them that I always let my haters be my motivators. No one can hold Dante down – I’ve already got 10 SoundCloud followers without that stupid school – and I’ve got the best hair in the world. Plus my mixtape is LIT AF”

The teacher had a very different take on the incident, “The first thing that asshole told me was that he already knew everything about being a DJ because people don’t actually mix live anymore. I hadn’t even introduced myself yet, and this arrogant prick was already trying to tell me that my class would be a waste of time. He only got in because his dad is one of the founders of the school. I hope SoundCloud takes down all 3 of his lame bootlegs.”

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