Donald Trump Admits Hiring DJ Chetas to “Work His Magic on the Polls”


In a stunning interview with 20/20, DJ Chetas revealed that President-elect Donald Trump reached out to him just days before his shocking victory in the United States Presidential Election for “help with the polls.” According to DJ Chetas, the Donald contacted the DJ for some pointers after hearing about his inexplicable, meteoric rise in the DJMag Top 100 DJ Poll, and this controversial move clearly paid off.

The following are exact quotes from DJ Chetas’ interview, “Trump told me that things weren’t looking good for him in the polls leading up to judgment day for the election, so he contacted my team and asked me to “work my magic on the polls.” News apparently spread quickly about how I had uhhh… maneuvered my way into a very high spot on the DJMag Top 100 DJ Poll, and I’ve had all kinds of unexpected people seek my help. All I did was take advantage of some loop holes in the voting process, bribe the right people, and threaten the lives of some others, and I essentially just shared this wisdom with Trump. He tried to ask me about which tactics might work in each state, but I reminded him that he’s a billionaire, and he obviously figured things out from there.”

President-elect Trump made the mistake of agreeing to talk to the media immediately after this story broke, but he offered them very little to work with. When asked about the validity of the claims against him, Trump responded, “Crooked Hillary put you up to this didn’t she? These claims are huuugely wrong and false – I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Don’t ask me another question like that or you know where I’ll have to grab you.”

Trump was unavailable for comment when we reached out to his publicist.

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