Deadmau5 Interrupts Krewella Show, Attempts To ‘Teach Them How To DJ’ During Live Performance

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Fresh off mocking Krewella for using “wireless DJM’s,” PMSing producer, Deadmau5, is back in the news with another juicy scandal. According to eyewitnesses, Deadmau5 apparently disrupted a live performance of the female EDM duo with the intent of teaching them how to DJ.

The Purracan owner stormed the stage to grab the mic – a fifth of whiskey in hand – first pretending to proclaim his brotherly love for the sisters before walking them through the basics of mixing. “Just when things appeared to be calming down, Deadmau5 again shocked the crowd by bringing out three drones and challenging the sisters to a ‘laser tag drone war.’. Things really got intense when the sisters accepted the challenge with a loud proclamation of, ‘May the force be with you!’” said a fan who wished to remain anonymous for fear of a social media attack.

The debacle escalated quickly when the Krewella sisters crashed their drones directly into Deadmau5’s head in their first attempt to fly them, and then screamed, “Wireless, bitch!” The show was quickly shut down before a Westside Story esque battle could erupt between the two sides, and both artists have since been told to never return to the venue.

Only time will tell if a lawsuit will be filed by either party.

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