Armin van Buuren To Replace ‘Christ The Redeemer’ Statue In Rio De Janeiro


Those of you planning a trip to Rio in the coming year might be in for a surprise if you expected to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city. Armin van Buuren, the famed producer and DJ, has plans to replace the statue of Christ with one of himself. The reason, the dutch musical maestro goes on to explain, being that while Christ was famous enough, the Christ-pose was a copyright of van Buuren.

While most attendees and fans can attest to the signature “outstretched arms pose” often performed by the artist, they were unaware that years of performing in Rio had incensed van Buuren.
“That figure there is mocking me. Everybody knows I’m the trance Jesus,” he said.

Experts believe that the cost of replacing the statue might prove to be too expensive, deciding that modifying the current figure to match that of the musician would be easier.

Over 20 artists and sculptors have already been interviewed, but none have yet found a way to recarve Christ’s cloak into a leather jacket.

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