Here at Music High Court, the Main Stage is considered the Main Stream – an enchanted platform that most dream of – where fist pumping, a cool haircut, a pre-recorded set and a long line black t-shirt constitutes the foundation for musical success. A jaw dropping, elevated playground for the unskilled. Imagining yourself 30 feet above a crowd, waving your hands, pressing 3 buttons, smiling for 20 cameras, jumping around, while making tens of thousands of dollars has become a dream. But for us – this has become a nightmare.

We are a destination for those seeking quality music accompanied by the painful truth. An online oasis full of the latest and greatest from artists whom deserve their music to be heard.

This is Music High Court, and I preside over it. All you need to know about me is that I have grown very angry with what you’ve done with the music scene. I’m here to fix the things you’ve let happen. My job is to weed out the posers, the flash-in-the-pan disco obsessed morons calling themselves DJs and slick, selfie-obsessed fans. You’ve seen the video, you know what we’re about. We’re here to remind everyone what music is – dirty, real and honest. My people are out there, some more intoxicated than others, and they will bring to my attention (and yours) the artists who are guilty of polluting our airwaves.” – The Judge